Yunbo WANG


Using Git Efficiently

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Git is a free and open source distributed version control system. Git is designed very differently from tranditional version control system like Subversion (SVN). It may confuse a SVN user at first. In oder to benefit Git’s effeciency and speed, it’s really important to uderstand it and use it wisely. This article is not a “getting started” tutorial neither a deep discussion of Git, but will provide relevant tips, references, links to help professionals understanding and using Git for their daily work. I suppose that you, my dear reader, have already the basic undersatding on version control system such as SVN or CVS.

Gemini Architecture

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Gemini是一个基于移动互联网络的交互式游戏。本文从技术层面来阐述Gemini的构架,分为物理构架和应用构架。Gemini的一大特性是利用Google App Engine Cloud Platform(以下称为GAE)作为底层的平台支持。


Principles of Test Driven Development (TDD)

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TDD is a great method in software design. Traditionally, the process of TDD consists of the following steps: 1. Always write a unit test before everything else and of course il will fail 1. Write some code to pass the test, the code can be inelegant 1. Refactor the code 1. Repeat all above

Test-driven does not simply verify the correctness of the code but more important it drives the design.